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We Solve Your Business Problems by applying
Data Science & Machine Learning

When It Comes To Our Approach To Data Science Projects, We Let Machine Learning Do The Trick, Because In A Fast-Moving Business World, You Need The Right Data Scientist & The Right Technology On Your Side.

Data Science is the combination of data predictions, algorithm development, inferential analysis and technology used to solve analytical business problems. It is the use of data, in a creative way, to bring value to businesses. Data Science can be used to improve businesses in a quick and effective way.

Why should you hire a Data Scientist? Well, data is central to this science. As a Data Scientist we have the ability to handle data containing billions of rows, taming and wrangling this raw information into something usable. We could help you store and wrangle this data, using Python based techniques, to answer your business questions and develop solutions to any problems you are facing.

Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to enable computers to learn and behave more like humans. Through improving their learning, over time these computers will be able to learn automatically. Machine Learning focuses on creating programs that can access their data and enable them to learn for themselves.

This process of learning starts with observing data, such as an experience or a set of instructions, looking for patterns in the data and making decisions for the future based on the data provided. During this process computers are able to learn from the patterns in data and adjust accordingly.

Our Approach to Data Science Projects

When you choose to hire a data scientist from Simply Data Solutions, you’re instantly welcomed into a world of data simplicity through our hands-on approach. Take a look down below to see just how our approach, combined with our expertise and technology come together to help your business succeed.

1. Clearly Defining Your Parameters

At Simply Data Solutions, we’ll work with you to define the parameters of your unique project. In other words, what do you want the AI to fix? What type of solution do you envision with AI and Machine Learning? The more specific you are with your aim, the higher the chances for success become.

When hiring a data scientist, you’ll want someone who can provide you with the right AI technology and Machine Learning Algorithms to help you solve complex problems each and every day – and here at Simplify Data Solutions, we’re the data scientists that you’ve been searching for.

2. Verifying Available Data

After we’ve defined your aim and the parameters for your project, we’ll ensure that you have the proper processes and systems in place to capture and track the data that we’ll need to perform an analysis. At Simplify Data Solutions, we’ll transform this meticulous and time-consuming task into something faster, easier, and just as accurate – if not more. We’ll verify that the data that your AI collected is seamlessly connected to what’s actually happening in your business.

3. Exploring Your Data

Before diving head-first into a model building exercise, it’s always a good idea to take a deep, long, and hard look at your data. Validate your assumptions, increase your understanding, and establish your own truth for the data – is it telling the correct story based on your business’ goals? When you choose to work with Simplify Data Solutions, we can complete this entire process on your behalf. We’ll extensively explore your data and provide you with rich insight into what all the numbers mean.

4. Defining The Methodology of Model Building

Now it’s time to test your variables and features to see which ones are most significant. It’s more important to focus on your hypothesis itself, as opposed to the end-goal. Let’s work together to validate your hypothesis, so that we can further improve its execution and ensure that all parties are always on the same page. Remember, the success of any Machine Learning model always depends on the success of feature engineering.

5. Defining The Model-Validation Methodology

This is where we finally begin to test the AI and ML technologies to ensure that they’re ready for your automation and rollout. As data scientists, this is our favorite aspect of what we do! We’ll work with you to divide the data into two sets, a training set and a test set. It is here where the algorithm will be trained and then evaluated to ensure that it is functioning exactly how it should be functioning.

6. Automation & Production Rollout

Finally, after all of the preparation and previous steps, your new automation and ML algorithm is ready to be rolled out. We’ve validated your model and it’s time to put it to the real test. We’ll support you throughout the rollout and ensure that we provide you with continuous feedback on all behaviors and outcomes for the first few weeks and months. From there, we’ll help to make recommendations and further analysis as we see fit.

7. Updating & Maintaining

When you choose to work with Simplify Data Solutions, you’ll gain a comprehensive and dependable partner who will stand by your side even after rollout. We’ll help you monitor your model throughout its lifespan and help you gain a deeper insight into its validity. We can even update your model when it becomes obsolete or outdated. For our clients, we’re always focused on providing a full, complete, and end-to-end solution.

What We Do

Data Science Analytics

We provide our clients with the statistical analysis that helps them take their business to the next level. Our data science analytics practice includes everything from descriptive statistics, to data visualization, to communications. For us, we’re all about tacking big data and helping you leverage this insight to grow your business.
Whether it be by building new tools to track consumption, designing experiments and building models, or simply providing you with another set of eyes over your data, we’re always ready to help.

Scalable Analytics Systems

No task is ever too far out of reach with our scalable analytics systems through programs and software like Python, Apache Spark, Pyspark using Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and IBM Watson Studio.
By taking a closer look at your data, we can help to provide you with a new perspective, so that innovation flourishes throughout your business and helps you grow bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before.

Classification Prediction

Classification is all about predicting categorical data through supervised Machine learning modelling like spam detection, churn prediction, sentiment analysis, potential charity donors, and so much more.
We’ll work with you to ensure that you’re correctly implementing AI and ML technologies in your business to drive success.

Regresssion Modeling

When its time to forecast, create time series modelling, and find the causal effect relationship between different variables, any data scientist should be able to perform the proper regression model to help.
But at Simplify Data Solutions, we take it a step further and help you predict things like future sales, growth, and more based on current and past data.

Unsupervised Learning

Machines today aren’t like the machines of the past. They have the power to go further, to think more intuitively, and to learn more naturally.

When you work with us, we can help to implement the right machine learning solutions that work for your business, whether you’re looking for your AI to make inferences based on data or to make informed decisions based on input information.

Deep Learning

Machines today aren’t like the machines of the past. They have the power to go further, to think more intuitively, and to learn more naturally.

When you work with us, we can help to implement the right machine learning solutions that work for your business, whether you’re looking for your AI to make inferences based on data or to make informed decisions based on input information.

Natural Language Processing

NLP technology is an emerging branch of AI technology that deals with the interactions between computers and human beings using normal language and speech. Most NLP technologies rely on Machine Learning to derive meaning from human languages, and

Simplify Data Solutions will work with you to implement this technology throughout your business. With NLP, you can connect to your machines seamlessly, all powered by voice.

Recommendation Engine

This is precisely where Machine Learning, AI technology, and automation all come together full-circle. At Simplify Data Solutions, we can help you to implement a recommendation engine that can connect with your clients and customers on a deeper level, get to know their interests and habits, and recommend similar features or services that your business can offer them.
And while these engines can be quite costly and typically require a number of data scientists and engineers, SDS is here to make it simple. We can work with you to design a bespoke recommendation engine that works for your needs at a price that you can afford.