About Us

About Our Background

Simplify Data Solutions was founded by Atif Z, a Data Scientist, Data Creative, and Artificial Intelligence Specialist based in Toronto, Canada. With an entrepreneurial background, Atif has worked to build Simplify Data Solutions from the ground up, by further honing his skills and abilities, bringing innovative data solutions to the market, offering his clients unrivaled support and service, and doing it all at an affordable price that allows today’s businesses to leverage the power of data and ML technologies.
With 10 years of experience in engineering, analytical analysis, predictive analytics, financial optimization, volumetrics, and financial forecasting, Atif has built Simplify Data Solutions around his deep understanding and extensive expertise of modern data systems, industry best practices, and technological achievements. A firm believer that almost any solution can be designed using basic calculus and algebra, Atif is constantly looking to numbers to help his clients succeed and achieve their business goals.
In addition, Atif’s academic background has helped to further verify and validate his expertise in the industry. He recently completed a Data Science Nanodegree from Udacity and is currently enrolled in a Natural Language Processing Nanodegree program, also with Udacity. In the near future, he plans to continue building upon the solid foundation of knowledge and practical expertise that he has acquired so far throughout his professional career by enrolling in the Computer Vision, Deep Reinforced learning, and Advanced AI Nanodegree programs from Udacity.